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Recommended reading on the economy

Imprimis from Hillsdale College.

& check the archives.

Thomas Sowell.

Here’s a great paraphrase of an economist on CSPAN, I believe.

‘One of the biggest causes of our current economic predicament is that we can’t easily choose from a competitive marketplace of money. To say all money should be based on gold is as bad as saying people don’t need a selection of fruits–apples, oranges, bananas–let’s just choose for them and make things simple.’

And money is a far more important product than fruit. If the government had to offer its money in a competitive marketplace, it would be forced to be more fiscally responsible.

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World oil consumption by country

IEA forecast upped today by 500KB/day to ~85MB/day.

It’s interesting that the major BP discovery in the Gulf of Mexico, 3 billion barrels estimated, will only supply the world for 12 days. Clearly we need an alternative way to produce petroleum products than by drilling, pumping, shipping and refining oil.

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